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Wiener Schnitzel

In Viennese kitchen there is probably nothing that is more "Viennese" than the famous Wiener Schnitzel. There are numerous stories and legends about its origin - even today. But one thing is clear: fine veal must be used and in a breading of flour, egg and breadcrumbs it should be baked in clarified butter or oil until golden brown. Potato salad and a piece of lemon complete the delicious meal.

But where do you eat the best schnitzel in Vienna? This is a frequently asked question. So it would probably be more accurate to pose the question: Where do the real Viennese eat their schnitzel?

The question is not so easy to answer - the richness lies in the variety.

We would like to share our personal selection with you.

Enjoy nothing but excellent Viennese cuisine and of course a unique Wiener Schnitzel at the following locations.

Restaurant Plachutta Wollzeile The restaurant of the Plachutta family is an institution in Vienna. In addition to the traditional Tafelspitz you will be spoiled with the finest Viennese specialties.

Zu den 3 Hacken

With its rustic "Stuben" the inn is one of the oldest in the city. In summer you can sit in the cozy Schanigarten.

Gasthaus Pöschl

To be able to sit at Franziskanerplatz - on a first beautiful summer day - is a privilege. Their own description is the best advertisement for a visit.


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