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The squares of Vienna

During a walk through the center of Vienna you pass countless special squares - whether magnificent or of a small-town character.


Just in front of the Stadthaus, the Rooseveltplatz extends around the Votivkirche. It is named after the US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It is one of many green oases in the city, popular not only with students, who like to use the benches here during their breaks from lectures.

Otto Wagner Platz

The square in front of the Austrian National Bank has been home to Ostarrichipark since 1925. In 2021, the memorial to the Jewish children, women and men from Austria who were murdered in the Shoah was erected on the green space. Since then, the place invites to rest and reflect.

Campus der Uni Wien

The area of the former General Hospital consists of 13 green courtyards, which now house numerous university institutes. Restaurants, playgrounds and green spaces fill the squares with life.

Maria Theresien-Platz

Located between the Museum of Art History and the Museum of Natural History, directly on the Ringstrasse, the past of the House of Habsburg is omnipresent. The large square is dominated by the magnificent monument to Maria Theresa.


The small Franziskanerplatz in the middle of Vienna's old city center is a particularly charming oasis. Surrounded by the Franciscan monastery and town houses from the Baroque and Classicism periods, you can enjoy the atmosphere while having a coffee in the "Schanigarten".


This was once the home of the imperial court stables. The baroque buildings got new neighbors like the Museum of Modern Art, the Kunsthalle and the Leopold Museum and even a children's museum. Around the Museum Square you can spend a whole day, in summer the colorful "Enzis" invite you to relax.


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